Some of our breeders this year!

Mojo male 3 year old blue bar ambilobe. Mojo is a very tame laid back panther we have 2 more clutches incubating from this prime classic ambilobe panther chameleon. Mojo has been sold recently but we have one of his offspring just about ready to breed. 

This is Neon our 3.5 year old male hypo citrus bearded dragon he is a big boy at 19.5" and 600+ grams during breeding season. We have hatchlings from this bright boy pared with Popcorn our hypo citrus tiger. 

This is Inferno a 2.5 year old female red bearded dragon. Lines include Ah extreme red, crimson red, sandfire red and Ed C inferno line, she is on the larger size girl at 18.5" and 540 grams when not gravid. We have some hatchlings from her pared with Coca cola a red leatherback from Josh Livingston originated from Jim D of Canada. 

This is Popcorn a 1.5 year old female hypo citrus tiger she is a medium size girl at 17" 480 grams when not gravid. We have plenty offspring from her first breeding available from her pared with Neon available. 

Check back as I take new pictures of our many breeders, info and pics will be posted ASAP 

Mildred a 2.5 year old female red x citrus leatherback bred by Josh Livingston, she is a big girl at 19" 580 grams when not gravid. We have some very nice offspring from this girl available pared with Ramsey. 

"Baby blue" our true blue nosy be panther. Many eggs incubating from this boy due September-October. 

Another shot of Baby Blue!! 

Check back with us as I add more pics of our breeders!!!