TOS terms of service

     Live arrival is guaranteed on first delivery attempt and your home to receive delivery for any live feeders or reptile. We cannot be held responsible if your package is left on doorstep half the day in the sun. If there are any issues with your package we must be notified within 2 hours of delivery for either refund or replacement minus any shipping charges. 

     We have been shipping dubia roaches and reptiles since 2010 and ship with heat/cold packs as needed at no extra charge. It is our job to send you tracking #s pack your feeders/reptiles appropriately for a safe arrival, it is your responsibility to track your package and be home for delivery. 

     Health is guaranteed for all reptiles for 5 days and in some cases extended to 10 days or more per case, we must be notified ASAP if there is a possible health issue so we can help fix the issue. Example of an extension is if within the 5 day your reptile is experiencing major relocation stress, not eating, lethargic, or acting abnormal. Pictures of proper enclosures must be sent for any health guarantee to be valid. We only send out healthy active reptiles and pride ourselves in great customer service. If for any reason your new arrival expires within the guarantee and TOS is met a refund or replacement will be sent minus the shipping charges.  

     Holds can be done with a 20% non refundable deposit of listed price for select reptile/s for a period of up to 4 weeks upon receiving deposit. If full payment is not received in a timely manner in the 4 week period buyer forfeits their deposit. Exceptions can be made if communication is consistent and reasons are valid.